[Record breakers] (1) Challenge Korean CEO Cho Young-kwan challenges walking on a long road...There are many awards that he has won and made

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[Record breakers] (1) Challenge Korean CEO Cho Young-kwan challenges walking on a long road...There are many awards that he has won and made


Dr. Cho Young-kwan, the standing representative of the Korean Headquarters for Challenge, is the icon of a challenge walking on a pathless path, and becomes the first, best, and most record in Korea for each step he takes. 



It has constantly jumped into new challenges and made a number of records that can go down in history as the first in Korea, including civilian anniversary certification, world record certification, and challenge honor hall. As a result, as the years go by, the area of activities in which he cooperates and organizes special awards is expanding.


Dr. Cho Young-kwan is a financial and economic expert and is well known as a writer. His books "Economic Knowledge 105," which beginners must know, and "Secret 26 of the Financial Economy for Survival" were published in middle and high school textbooks. Dr. Cho was informed by the Korea Culture and Arts Copyright Association that two books by Cho Young-kwan were included in middle and high school textbooks.


His challenge instinct continues even in the COVID-19 situation that has hit the world. It is leading the "Gomizal" campaign, which means "thank you, sorry, and good job," which is a hope project to prepare for the future of Korea and love it even 1,000 years later.


He doesn't just end up making a award. Each award has a clear purpose and has operating principles and expected effects. It develops into an award that many people want to receive and respond to. In preparation for the future, he has the ability to come up with ideas and collect and cooperate according to the trend of the times.


It has been unrivaled at the private level for public interest awards, which should be dealt with at the government level, rather than awards without characteristics. In order to continuously operate the awards, the president of the convention and the president of the awards ceremony are appointed at each event to have a basic system to expand honor and sharing. As a result, more and more people want to receive the award, and it is recognized as an appropriate award recognized in a special field. 


Dr. Cho Young-kwan, Korea's first, highest, and highest record (Challenge Korean representative/President of the World Record Certification Institute)


The longest column on financial economy (a series of 13 years of credit economy per month), the most special lectures on financial economy (400 times) as an incumbent financier, the most writing records (20 books) as an incumbent financier, and the most interviews for finding Koreans in Korea's first challengeRecord (500 people), Making a Challenge Day (July 8), Organizing the event (10 consecutive years of events), and Certifying the largest number of enactment records on private anniversaries (30 enactment/awards)


Korea's Guinness World Records Record Certification (500), Korea's first challenged Korean talk show broadcasting experience (28 times), Korea's shortest (9 years) discovery award (accreditation) and challenge forum record (based on 40 times-brother), and the most (4 years) awards (Secretary of State, Defense, Seoul Mayor, 8th Military Headquarters)


Seoul National University of Education, Kyonggi University, Kyungbok University's teaching experience, government and public organizations' professional and advisory activities, the highest number of challenged Koreans and 100 great challengers in Korea (the highest number of 50 writers, 100 advisors, and participants), and the first local government award. 


Award organized by CEO Cho Young-kwan


Civilian anniversary certification, domestic record certification, multi-language test certification, volunteer time civilian certification, luxury festival selection, local government award, international exchange and development award, senior welfare culture award, model award, Korean sharing award, creative management award, culture festival, job creation contest, best face award, best face award. Luxury certification, Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin Award, Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin Prize, prestigious award, and Korea Nobel Prize are recommended. 


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