[클릭이사람] (649) Tae Yun Kim(김태연), President of TYK Group, the Little Giant of Silicon Valley, USA

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[클릭이사람] (649) Tae Yun Kim(김태연), President of TYK Group, the Little Giant of Silicon Valley, USA.


The first female grandmaster in the United States. Female CEO of the 100 Best Companies in the United States. Taekwondo martial artist with 9th degree black belt. Wonder woman in her 70s. These are the titles of TYK group chairperson Tae Yun Kim, who went over to America in 1968 and made history of Silicon Valley, overcoming numerous trials and prejudices.


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Tae Yun Kim, the chairperson of the TYK group, is a globally successful korean enterpriser in the United States. She is a great global power woman in America and now owns an air purifier(industrial/household) manufacturing company and Lighthouse, which is a clean-room-monitoring system company targeted at semiconductor, pharmaceutical companies, Foods Company, Space Aerospace (NASA), manufacturing companies of daily necessities, etc. Recently she took over a winery in Medford, Oregon, and entered the wine industry.

Tae Yun Kim is a role model of the American dream, and as a female CEO she is writing miraculous success stories, constantly working with passion in her mid-70s.

Although she has been living in America over 50 years, she still has ardent love of country. She loves Korea in her daily life, and spread an iron will, and ‘Can do’ spirit which means ‘I can do it, too’. She is called ‘Phoenix’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘the Little Giant of Silicon Valley’, and ‘Daughter of Korea’.

She is also famous as a best-selling author. Her book ‘Seven Steps to Inner Power: How to Break Through to Awesome’ about the secret of her success was translated in 45 languages and sold more than a million copies. The book ‘People call me as success’ which was published in Korea in 2001, was beloved by korean readers as a bestseller causing a ‘Tae Yun Kim syndrome’.



In November, 2017, the president Tae Yun Kim awarded the grand prize, ‘Life-Time Achievement Award’ and ‘The Best Technology-of-the-Year’ in Stevie Awards, which is called Oscar Award in the business field. She has 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo and awarded ‘Forever Teakowndoist’ from ‘US Taekwondo Grandmasters Society’ in April, 2019. She is now in the Hall of Fame of American Taekwondo.

Tae Yun Kim founded Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS) in 1982 in Vermont and in 1985 moved to Silicon Valley, the mecca of world technology. Then, she formed the present TYK group.

LWS is a leading company in the IT industry in the United States. It is growing rapidly in the midst of a venture crisis, and remains the No.1 of America's top 100 companies.

In the Silicon Valley, where hundreds of IT companies are found and disappear, the survival rate is only 1%. You can see how great Tae Yun Kim is.

Tae Yun Kim is a global entrepreneur, ‘female leader,’ and global social activist that volunteers and share, transcending national borders. Numerous awards such as ‘Susan Anthony Award’, ‘YWCA's TWIN Award’, ‘California Legislature, Woman of the Year, 2002’ prove this.



President Kim Tae Yun also has had an unusual life as a martial artist. Born in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk Province on January 1, 1946, she began to learn Taekwondo from her uncle when she was 7 years old. In 1968, she immigrated to eastern Vermont in the United States and taught Taekwondo. In 1978 she led the American women's team and participated in the International Taekwondo Competition. In 1994, she became the first woman in the World Martial Arts Association to be recognized as a Grandmaster. How much effort and perseverance this woman should have had to reach the highest rank of 9th black belt in Taekwondo!

What was the driving force of her success? The reporter took note of the life and its philosophy of President Tae Yun Kim, who emphasized ‘CAN DO’ spirit. She is associated with “great enterpriser” more than “good company”. The expression ‘successful enterpriser’ is not enough for her. The success she achieved includes not just authority, wealth, and honor, but life itself. She takes lead in spreading ‘CAN DO’ spirit, giving confidence to the world that I can do it, too.

'He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me’. This is the first quotation that comes to mind when people think of her.

Though she is an already well-known enterpriser through major media in Korea and the United States, the life pattern of President Kim Tae Yun is surprisingly ordinary and modest.




Through her life and philosophy that led her to her success, President Tae Yun Kim has been busy being invited and giving lectures all over the world to help many people have dreams and build confidence. 

She has 7 sons and 6 daughters, who are adopted. Her family is famous for building a business together.

Kim ran a Taekwondo gymnasium in Vermont in the late 1960s, the time she just immigrated to America. At that time, twenty years after World War II, the American society was in an age of chaos in which many youths wandered the streets, struggling with drugs and alcohol, in an unstable state after the war.

Kim invited these young people to the Taekwondo gymnasium to teach sports, helping them quit drugs and alcohol. And she helped them to continue their education. This is how they met and their relationship developed from teacher-student relationship to mother-children relationship. They have been a family for more than 40 years. 



As all other parents do, President Kim raised these children with all her love. The adopted children show the greatest devotion to their mother (President Kim). President Kim has been living for her family, sacrificing herself on her own. ‘Pride of Korea’, ‘Mother of Korea’, ‘Face of Korea’, and ‘Daughter of Korea’. These are the words that the presidents of Korea used to express her.

The former president of Sookmyung University, Kyung-sook Lee, who conferred an honorary degree on her in business administration, said: "Once Kim Tae Yun leaves the world, who can fill that vacancy?"

Tae Yun Kim is selected as a winner of ‘Supertalent World Record’ and ‘Challenge Korea Award’ at ‘The 7th Challenge Festival Awards' commemorating the 100th anniversary of the March first Independence. This event is hosted by ‘Challenge Korea (Representative: Young-kwan Cho)’ on July 5, 2019.


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